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Traditional Family recipes

At age 85, Hripsime Matossian undertook the monumental task of writing a legacy cookbook at the request of her daughter Cynthia, who would ask repeatedly for her favorite childhood recipes. Hripsime was named after her Aunt, who perished along with her four children in the Syrian Desert, victims of the genocide perpetrated by the Ottoman Turks against their Armenian subjects during World War I. Growing up in America, food became more than subsistence, it became Hripsime's heritage. A way of honoring her Armenian family and their legacy. Through her appreciation and passion for cooking and baking she has instilled not only her children's lives with joy but everyone she meets and feeds. 

I sought to capture the vibrancy, resiliency, and warm qualities that make Hripsime so inviting while creating a cookbook that reflects a simple, easy-to-utilize design. A blue palette defines the brand with subtle Mediterranean charms sprinkled throughout. A clean, consistent photographic style lends a visual voice to the family recipes. 




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