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Brain, learning, Animation & Movement

Robots, video games, and a radical new approach to treating stroke patients. John Krakauer, director of the BLAM Lab at Johns Hopkins University, and his team of researchers, artists, and programmers, is developing a new way of thinking about post-stroke therapies. By combining the human hand-eye coordination of video games and the playfulness of dolphins, the BLAM team is hoping to change the way we think about—and treat—stroke patients. Enlisted by Omar Ahmad, Chief Creative Engineer, I visualized patient rooms that emerge you into the depths of the ocean. Assisting patient’s imagination and setting the stage for a ‘special’ experience. Immediately making patients more receptive to new experiences and engagement.




environmental design


experience design

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A multidisciplinary team at the Johns Hopkins University has used the principles of neuroscience to hijack our sense of what is and isn’t real. The result is a deceptively simple yet uniquely immersive video game, I Am Dolphin, slated for release on iTunes this month. John Krakauer, Promit Roy, Omar Ahmad and Kat McNally of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine’s Department of Neurology and startup Max And Haley LLC describe their creation.