The dark menace

Marc Dennis is an American artist known for his hyper-realistic paintings that celebrate the subversive potential of beauty and explore the charged subjects of identity, pleasure and decadence. Interested in transformative possibilities Dennis merges various movements throughout the western art historical canon with modern tropes in order to create clever, provocative and symbolic contemporary paintings that play on our psychological, cultural and spiritual relationships.

Entrusted to give the artist's website a 21st century facelift, I made it all about the art. A clean white background lets the artwork steal the spotlight while a simple scroll function minimizes the content users engage with. Developing categories neatly highlights Dennis' range of talents with sketchbook entries offering a peek inside his process. By far the most humorous boss I’ve had the pleasure to work with, Dennis set the bar high for artist collaborations and is a continuous source of inspiration for me. 





website design

user experience

category development

process integration

art direction