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“David Blaine is the greatest magician who ever lived.” Howard Stern made that on-air proclamation, a sentiment echoed by Penn Jillette of Penn and Teller, who referred to Blaine’s Street Magic as “the best TV magic special ever done.” Blaine was just twenty- three when Street Magic first aired on ABC, transforming televised magic by turning the camera on the audience. Spectators at home could feel the visceral reaction of people being astonished. The New York Times went on to declare that Blaine had “taken a craft that’s been around for hundreds of years and done something unique and fresh with it,” while The New Yorker prominently stated “he saved magic.”




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"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." -  Roald Dahl

live tour

In 2014 David Blaine embarked on his first-ever Live tour. David waited 10 years for this tour. It was David's dream to put everything he worked for into one show. With a death-defying stunt and series of jaw-dropping magic tricks, illusionist David Blaine marked on his Middle East debut with a show at Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace. David is now embarking on his first-ever North American tour. The 40-city tour launches on May 30 in San Diego, CA and will include shows throughout North America

Years before the Live show David also stunned me, by commissioning a full spectrum of concept illustrations for a modern retelling of staged magic similar to the works of famed magicians Alexander Hermann and Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin. Imagined as a grand spectacle of entertainment inspired by nineteenth century performers while interweaving his classic Street Magic style. The final productions swayed much more contemporary in their aesthetics but I was tickled none-the-less to see them come to fruition. I'm a believer!



On October 5th, 2012 David Blaine partnered with Intel to embark on his most challenging and visual performance stunt to date. Standing atop a 22-foot high pillar at Pier 54 in NYC for 73 hours and surrounded by 1 million volts of electricity, David invited the world to interact and control the electricity through Intel based Ultrabooks. This is the behind the scenes story of Electrified produced by VICE Creators. 


Target gyroscope

From Target's Nov. 23 PRNewswire:

David Blaine Successfully Completes Target Thanksgiving Challenge With a Stunning Fifty-Foot Dive to Times Square Below

Today at 2:00 p.m. EST, David Blaine, the world's greatest endurance artist and magician, provided a thrilling conclusion to one of his biggest challenges to date. Last week, Target(R) presented Blaine with the following challenge: escape from shackles while dangling five stories above New York City's Times Square in time for the Target 2-Day Sale on Friday, November 24 at 6:00 a.m. This afternoon, Blaine freed himself from his restraints and jumped 50 feet to the platform below him. As a result of finishing the challenge on time, tomorrow Blaine and The Salvation Army will host 100 children on a shopping spree at Target to kick off the holiday shopping season.