a visual storyteller, living and creating in Washington, D.C. I curate meaningful experiences through art, words, and spaces that contribute to our individual lives, offering a connection to our sensations, feelings, and imaginations. 





Here's my little story...


The month of August in Virginia is unbearable. Hundred degree temperatures linger day and night, cocooned in a soggy blanket of humidity; that leaves the body weary and sweat soaked, and the mind muddled and heavy. It was on nights like this during my childhood that my mother whisked us kids into the mini-van, out of the suburbs and onto the vast windy rural roads of the Shenandoah Valley. Our faces cooled with the warm summer breezes passing through the windows; our eyes trailed the twinkling fireflies congregating in front of the Willow trees; our noses filled with the smell of fresh cut grass and honeysuckle. We breathed deep, getting drunk on the fresh air. After a couple miles we’d pass through the Hardee’s drive-through for ice-cream cones. That’s when the music happened. Usually the Eurythmics. We’d continue on our night-time journey past farms and pastures, past orchards and abandoned gas stations; delighting in the family solitude; ice-cream melting down our wrists; heads bobbing along to the pop beats; without a worry in the world. 

There’s something special about music and memory.  Today, as a visual artist, I try to recapture my memories and emotions in images. Immortalizing places, people and objects that are dear to me. Songs evoke similar retelling. Transporting us back in time by capturing an event or person or mood. This is an amazing resonance. To this day I cannot hear Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) without thinking of strawberry soft-serve and lighting bugs. I believe it is through these personal recollections that we collaborate and through collaboration we build stronger bonds, that keep growing through dialogue. All art in it’s various forms engages us in conversation; it fosters independent thought and allows for personal interpretation by providing an entry point to ask questions and make connections between ideas.   

Art affects change and growth. Two powerful and necessary concepts in life. Concepts that I take great enjoyment in sharing with others. I find the creative process totally absorbing and incredibly satisfying. 

I wouldn’t want to do anything else!



3rd Ward, Brooklyn

21 Club, NYC

Affordable Art Fair, NYC

Americans for the Arts, DC

Antena Gallery, Chicago

Art House Gallery, ATL

Belmond Hotels

Conjuring Arts Research Center, NYC

Cornerstone Montgomery Studio In-Sight, DC

David Blaine Productions, NYC

Department of Veterans Affairs

EWF Modern, PDX

Foundation for Hospital Art, ATL

Hilton Worldwide

International Center for Photography, NYC

Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore

Kansas Star Casino, Wichita

KOA Campgrounds

Laconia Gallery, Boston

Marriott International


MODA, Atlanta

Nike, PDX

Paper Affair, ATL

PhotoLucida, PDX


Ronald McDonald Foundation, ATL

Shippensburg University, PA

Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, NYC


Toussaint Academy, San Diego

Tribeca Poetry Review, NYC

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

Waterford Fair Foundation, Virginia


I love brands and people bold enough to chart new waters, that are passionately driven, and authentically themselves. If you're a thinker, a dreamer, a believer, or doer then we should get together.